1 de noviembre de 2008

I think I love you more than you like me

We haven't even started and it's almost the end
We never talked it over fact we never said anything
Two of the same kinda sorts hiding thoughts
As the small talk ebbs away the silence is awkward
You hardly even know me and I'm starting to show that
I hardly even know you but I like what I know
I want to talk about it but I quake in my skin
It'll only push you further into making decisions
You want to like me but you are likely undecided
The voice inside is always right which is why the awkward silence
Not gonna risk losing you
Which is why I'm never gonna woo you


I drew a drawing of you after last time I saw you
I never felt to draw a picture like that before
I learnt a lot about myself drawing all morning
It was absolutely shit, I'm awful at drawing...
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