18 de junio de 2009

Little man

I'm convinced it's my punishment
for those nights I got drunk and let go at some bar
in some city with some people I don't know.
I can't teach much when it comes to women
I drive safe and slow but don't know nothing 'bout the engine.
Sometimes the weeks fly a little too fast
and sometimes I go to sleep a little too trashed
other times I'm not sittin' on enough cash
and other times today feels too much like the past.
I'm over thirty, can't maintain relations
all these women wanna hurt me and I just don't have the patience
I can't trust 'em
and they're not much help
when they start to push and pull the buttons I don't trust myself.
The only women that love you are fans and family
mom has no choice, but fans leave you randomly
no heavy rotation
in any location
you're not ready to face that you have no steady vocation.
Another drunk hotel bedroom corner, curled up like a naked fetus
come and save him Jesus
place him back in time before the Reaganomics and Adidas
sometimes you're not impressed with the work you've done
and love isn't love if you didn't hurt someone
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